Utah's Own Klee Kai


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Our Sires and Dams

 PR's  ALATAH'S Kodiak Black/White Standard Brown Eyed Male
                                                                Born to PR's Maddie Mae and PR's Alasco's Kenai Scott


PR's Alasco's  Snoop Paw Shotgun  REST IN PEACE My Boy 1/15/2015

                                                                                                   Grey/White Brown eyed male

                                                                                                    Red factored/Standard Size

                                                                  Born to Alasco's Okmok and Cocal Alasco's Bebe of Kika






Our Dams

Pr's Alascos Peyton Lux

Black/White Brown eyed female. Miniature Size

CERF Registered 

To view CERF Registration CLICK the link and Enter the dogs NAME:


OFA Results: Pending 



                                                                                                           PR's Alasco's Aupayartok Imber

                                                                              Red/White Green Eyed Female Standard Size

                                                                         Born To: Alasco's Redtop V Kika and Alasco's Mageik

                                                                                                                                OFA's Pending



Retired from my breeding program


Maddie Mae and Alasco's Kenai
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